Founded in 2013 on the Caribbean Coast - Cartagena, the company Katy Bustillo was born. A brand designed for contemporary and independent women who are not afraid to mark their style. "It is not enough to wear a good dress, you always have to complement it with pieces that enhance the beauty of each woman." A lover of fashion, art, creativity and from an early age, Katy Bustillo began making and designing her own pieces with the help of her aunt. From there, he realized his great talent and decided to found his company creating a line of accessories that ranges from footwear and belts to jewelry. All these in search of making a difference through their handmade artisan designs. A proud brand for its social commitment, since it works hand in hand with indigenous families and artisans from various regions of Colombia, in the elaboration of its products that transmit its culture, roots and history. Making your talent and creativity obtain greater visibility and value. Inspired by the picturesque streets of Cartagena where you can breathe the tropics, sophistication and mystery. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, Katy Bustillo manages to frame that meaning and translate it into her products made in the tropics. A brand that thinks about sustainability and environmental commitment, Katy bustillo does not use animal skin in any of its designs. It is completely animal friendly. Follower of slow fashion, Katy Bustillo accessories manage to highlight the personality of women, through meaningful objects full of colors, shapes and textures. A rediscovery of artisan traditions in a contemporary and versatile way.