Nuez Moscada was born from the dreams of Mitchelle Ramos, a Puerto Rican woman who has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from where her devotion for reading, research and art itself emerges from. Her interest in fashion as a method of expression kept her constantly browsing and searching for proposals from designers and brands for her personal enjoyment. Her opportunity to travel to a variety of countries and comprehend different cultures is reflected in the selection of styles in her collections.One day she came across the phrase "Work on what you are passionate about or make your hobby your business" and from that day on, Nuez Moscada began to take shape in her mind. Almost accidentally when everyone's world stopped, her ideas began.
Having the concept of Nuez Moscada very clear, it was very easy for her to define the identity of the brand. Her mission is that every woman can grow and evolve her style. The love for textures, shapes, textiles and design are reflected in every detail. Faithful believer that societies dress as they live, our founder gave herself the task of creating a space for slow fashion or sustainable fashion where her clients can find unique and timeless pieces, but above all with superior quality standards. She began to color it with her daughter Valeria Nieves and today they welcome you with much love.